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See each of the paragraphs below to see what services we offer. If you wish to request a service not listed below please contact us directly to see if we can be of any service to you.


Live events

Live events are just that, live. While nothing can ever replace being there live Ace Studios can record your live event for posterity. Just give us a call and leave the history recording to the professionals at Ace Studios.


Recording of live events start at $200 which includes the filming and editing of any one day event. Pricing for events that last more than one day or for multiple events will be negotiated.


Promotional videos

In business letting people know what services or products you offer is crucial. However, marketing is expensive and in this day and age counting your pennies is important. But if you are in this position never fear, for a reasonable price we can make a video promotion for your website, trade show, or just about anything else you may need.


Due to the nature of these projects being different from all other services Ace.studios provides a general price estimate cannot be given. A custom price estimate will be decided at first meeting with the client after discussing the possible scope of project. Factors for making the project more expensive include but are not limited to, how many days of filming are required, how much research is needed to be done, time spent travelling, and the nature of editing required. It is the policy of Ace Studios to have a consultation with the client before beginning the project for the client to express their desires and concerns. After the principal shooting has been completed and a rough concept of the edited project is done the client will also be entitled to another consultation to discuss the final direction of the project. 


VHS and 8mm/Super8

Let’s face it, technology can be frustrating. It is complicated and it moves at a furious pace. If you have memories on VHS cassette that you would like saved never fear, the good people at Ace Studios are here to save your memories and take the stress of technology off your shoulders. Simply give us your home video and leave the worries to us!


Each VHS Digitalized is $20

Each 8mm or Super8 Digitalized is $20


Special pricing for orders of 5 or more.

Contact us for more information.

Note: Digitalization does not improve the quality of the original source footage. Ace.studios also cannot guarantee the safety or success of digitalization for an extremely old or damaged VHS.





Found your love? Are you ready to tie the knot? Congratulations! More than likely you have thought “I would sure like to have a video to remember this day.” If that is the case no worries we have you covered. Let us worry about the video so you can enjoy your special day.


Recording of weddings start at $200 which includes the filming and editing of the wedding.


DVD Sales: DVDs of every event recorded are $10 each. Anytime Ace.studios is hired for a job paying over $50 one DVD of the event will be given to the client for free.






Time spent editing and quality of final product will depend upon quality of source material. Prices given are estimates and can change due to size, time, and other unforeseen events in filming and editing. All bookings must be made with half of asking price due upon signing of a contract unless an exception is given by Ace.studios. If contract to film is canceled by client deposit is kept. For other questions regarding services contact Chance Alquest at or by phone at 620-222-1409 or Tim Evans at or by phone at 620-218-6471.


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